Trying to run IEA-15MW and getting lots of errors

Hello, I am very new to Fast and I am strugggling a little. I am a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student and we are looking to do some analysis on the 15MW Reference Platform.

Initially we would like to run the simulation in its “normal” conditions, then expose it to our environmental conditions and see how it performs.

I have been able to get the 5MW OC4 platform to run, but when I try the 15MW I get lots of errors. This is what it displays for me. Can anyone help point me in the correct direction?



Dear @Andrew.Mackintosh,

Which version of OpenFAST are you running? It looks like your input files are not formatted properly for the version of OpenFAST you are running. Either switch to the version of OpenFAST your input files are compatible for or modify your input files for compatibility with the version of OpenFAST you are running. The input file changes with each release of OpenFAST are documented here: 4.1.2. API changes between versions — OpenFAST v3.3.0 documentation.

Best regards,