FAST.Farm Error running IEA 15MW

I am trying to model a basic wake interaction by placing one IEA 15 MW turbine in front of the other in FAST.Farm. I am getting the following error:

Invalid logical input for file “.\IEA-15-240-RWT.fst” occurred while trying to read SumPrint.

However, I have confirmed that the input files I’m using are up to date and work properly with the most recent version of OpenFAST, so it seems to be an issue with FAST.Farm specifically. Does anyone have any guidance?


Dear @Bridget.Moynihan,

My guess is the version of OpenFAST within FAST.Farm is different than the standalone version of OpenFAST that you are using. Regardless, as with any input file processing error, I would enable the Echo option to debug. You can also review the API documentation, which describes input file changes between each release: 4.1.2. API changes between versions — OpenFAST v3.1.0 documentation.

Best regards,