Tripod foundation in Exptfm

When I used the C-B method in the OPENFAST v2.4 Exptfm module to build the Tripod foundation, I encountered a problem (Tripod foundation only considers gravity, and the tower mode has been updated using BMODES). The displacement of the tower top under the wind speed of 12m/s looks strange. I would like to ask the experts on the forum. What kind of problems may cause this situation? (345 KB)

Thank you for your post. In the output file present in the zip file, the displacements are going between 0.4 and 0.6m and do not seem to match the plot you sent. The binary file format of OpenFAST has changed a couple of revision before. Maybe that’s one of the issue? You can use this visualizer to read the OpenFAST input and output files (including your superelement files):

Right now, I don’t see any major issue. Note that in the files you sent, the controller and inflow wind is on, but AeroDyn is off. You’ll get a tiny bit of generator torque from the controller, but no aerodynamic feedback.

If you run into further issue, try to simplify your model (less degrees of freedom, constant wind, no controller), add more outputs, to see if that helps. Otherwise, let us know,


Actually, I believe you are plotting the WindVelZ sensor. You might have an offset in your script.

I’d recomment using pyDatView for simple visualizations and comparison betwen simulations.

For scripting, you can have a look at our matlab-toolbox and python-toolbox

Thank you very much for your prompt help, I found an error under your guidance. You are correct, I did make a mistake about the output channel and AeroDyn was not turned on. After my inspection and debugging, the most fundamental mistake I made was the setting of the initial conditions. By setting the correct values of BlPitch and RotSpeed, the controller can work normally, and the corresponding results are reasonable. Thanks again for your help.