Tidal Turbine Simulation in Open Fast - Inclusion of Hydrodynamic Added Mass

Dear All,

I am currently investigating the possibility of modeling a Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine (Tidal Turbine) in Open Fast. I am aware that neither FAST V8 or Open Fast currently considers the effects of added-mass as it is not really a significant contributor to wind turbine loading. However, due to the much higher density of water, this is not necessarily the case with Marine Turbines.

I have read the following paper sciencedirect.com/science/a … 8118304312. In that paper, it discusses an extension to AeroDyn and an update to the FAST v8 glue code which allows for the inclusion of Added Mass effects. The paper appears to have been published in 2018.

I was wondering if there are any plans to make this updated version that includes the effects of Added Mass available for use with either Open Fast or FAST V8. If so then when?



Dear Ben,

The ability to account for added mass in FAST v8 as described in the paper you reference was developed in a branch of FAST, which was not included in the transition to OpenFAST. We hope to merge this capability into OpenFAST at some point, but this work has not started yet.

Until then, I suggest reaching out to the lead author of that paper–Robynne Murray of NREL. Robynne is not currently a member of this forum, but you can find her contact information here: nrel.gov/about/staff-directory.php. Robynne can likely share with you the version of FAST v8 with added mass.

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Thanks Jason,

Very helpful. I will try and reach out to Robynne.