Thrust regulated turbine control in OpenFAST

Hi all,

I use OpenFAST v2.2.0 with a Bladed-style DLL. The controller shall use the turbines thrust forces as an input sensor. Therefore, I have set Record 79 “Request for Loads” to 3. Now I expected that I could use Record 110 “Hub Fixed Fx” as an input, but the controller DLL still get no value for thrust (Record 110 = 0).

Since I expect that this feature is currently not available in OpenFAST, I have two questions:
1.) Is it planned in near future to include the additional load sensors in the DLL interface?
2.) Does anyone know of a good fix/workaround for this issue. (I am currently not able to compile openFAST myself)

I am happy for all information.

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Dear Marvin,

Looking briefly at source file BladedDLLInterface.f90, I don’t see that the thrust force or record 110 is passed from OpenFAST to the DISCON controller. You’d have to modify the OpenFAST source code to pass the thrust from OpenFAST to the DISCON controller. NREL is not currently funded to update the controller interface.

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