Active structural control in OpenFAST

Hello everyone,

I am interested in applying structural control in FOWT. Indeed, a tuned mass damper will be attached to the structure and will be given a force in order to enhance its vibration mitigation capability.

In order to achieve this in OpenFAST, there are two ways (I am using windows OS):

1- Modification of the source code in StrucCtrl.f90

2- Use of the EX_Bladed_Interface.

As a first test, i modified the source code (option 1), then i recompile OpenFAST using Visual Studio 2019. To compile, I choose Release and x64 (my computer is x64 bit processor) and click on Build —> Rebuild Solution (see figure).

Compiling OpenFAST was successful ! No errors in the code and i run a simulation with the compiled openfast and i have seen the effect of the modification i have done, on the response. However, this method of working is not practical.

My question is how to compile a dll of type bladed in visual studio. Steps ? manual ?

Does anyone has worked on this before ?

Thank you in advance.

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Dear @Riad.Elhamoud,

A Visual Studio project file for compiling the Bladed-style DISCON controller is available in the OpenFAST repository–see: openfast/vs-build/Discon at main · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub.

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