the format of the input file for airfoilprep

I am an Undergraduate student in Egypt, working on graduation project on wind energy using Aerodyn. Please forgive my trivial request but I am new to FAST and Airfoilprep
I am struggling now for over a week trying to generate the dat file for the airfoil to be used in Aerodyn.

Can anyone please upload a sample of the airfoil input file to the airfoilprep. “python airfoil.dat --extrap 1” what i mean is that part in bold can someone upload a sample for it.

Dear Amr,

I have not used myself (I’m more familiar with the original AirfoilPrep spreadsheet:

I’m not sure Andrew Ning–the developer of–regular checks this forum. So, you may want to seek further help through github issues in the repository:

Best regards,