Surface visualization of DTU-10 MW

Dear All,
I would like to visualize my openFAST-v1.0.0 simulations of the DTU-10 MW mounted on a spar-buoy.
My simulations ran very well and I was able to visualize them with “basic meshes” or “all meshes”. However, when I try to visualize using surfaces, the simulation abort and I get an error message.
Attached is a screenshot of the error.
I highly appreciate any information regarding the source of this error.

kind regards
Ghaith Esber

Dear Ghaith,

This issue was fixed in December, 2018 with the following pull request into OpenFAST dev:, which has now been released in OpenFAST v2.1.

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Dear Jason,
Thank you very much for your reply. it was a great help!

Best regards,

Dear Ghaith and Jason,

Correct me If I’m wrong. Surface visualization is possible only with AeroDynV15. Where as the github repository doesn’t contain AeroDynV15 inputs.
Is there any updated files for the structure? Any suggestion on this are appreciated.

Kind regards
Abhinay Goga

Dear Abhinay,

You are correct that the airfoil surface visualization is only available with AeroDyn v15. The github repository does contain AeroDyn v15 inputs, but these are available in the r-test repository (, not the OpenFAST repository. (The r-test repository replaces what was previously the CertTest directory.) Within the r-test, the NREL 5-MW baseline turbine and UAE turbine models contain AeroDyn v15 inputs that support airfoil surface visualization.

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