Subdyn Input/Output Member Output List

In Subdyn Inputfile in section MEMBER OUTPUT LIST it is possible to define nodes whose forces etc. will be output. The table has the following structure:

MemberID NOutCnt NodeCnt
(-) (-) (-)

so I wrote

MemberID NOutCnt NodeCnt
(-) (-) (-)
1 1 2

because I only wanted to output M1N2FMxe etc. but the output I expected for node 2 was stored for M1N1FMxe.

Maybe I missunderstood the declaration in subdyn-Input?! Please help me!

Dear Ricardo,

Good timing! We will actually be releasing a major update to SubDyn, as well as FAST v8 with improved hydroelastic coupling making use of SubDyn, early next week. In this release, we are updating the SubDyn documentation a bit to provide more guidance to users. Please wait for this release early next week.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

thank you for your reply!