Subdyn outputs for specific members and nodes

Good afternoon,
I have questions regarding subdyn outputs when referring to specific members and nodes.
My questions are formulated in the attached file relying on a given example because it countains some pictures.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards.
Florence Haudin.
openfast question.pdf (147 KB)

Dear Florence,

A member in SubDyn can have more than two nodes if SubDyn input parameter NDiv > 1, where NDiv is the number of elements per member.

α in the SubDyn output name corresponding to the row in the member output list table. In your example table, the first row in refers to member 22, so M1 refers to member 22. Likewise, β in the SubDyn output name corresponds to βth entry in the NodeCnt list for the given member. In your example table, NodeCnt(1) = 3, so, M1N1 refers to node 3 of member 22.

I hope that helps.

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