Spreadsheets for WindPACT model


I am looking for the spreadsheet “InputData1.5A08V07adm.xls” that was used in development of the FAST blade file Baseline_Blade.dat that comes with the FAST archive. The comment line in the blade files says “bugs removed”. I must have an earlier version of this spreadsheet because the mass moments do not match those in the blade file. Also if you have spreadsheets for the 750 kW, 3000 kW and the 5000 kW that would be helpful.


Hi Scott,

I do have a copy of the file “InputData1.5A08V07adm.xls”, but I’m not sure if it was ever intended to be made public, so, I’m not comfortable posting it on the forum. I don’t have copies for the designs smaller and larger than the 1.5-MW WindPACT design. I suggest you contact the authors of the WindPACT Rotor Design Study to see if they are willing to provide you with these files.

The comment regarding “bugs removed” referred to some errors that were found in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet itself was never corrected, but the FAST model was developed with corrections.

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