Simulink input_len and AeroDynV13 HH_Init

Congratulations and thank you all for the FAST code and support.
I think these are fairly basic problems, but still I could not find any solution in the forums or in the manuals.
Firstly, trying to run FAST under the Simulink interface, I keep getting an error telling that variable input_len does not exist, and that I should run Read_Fast_Input.m, even if I already initialised the variables as stated in the FAST user manual.

Secondly, trying to use the new FASTV7.0 version with bladed style dll controller and my old input files, AeroDyn keeps sending an error and asking to call HH_Init before trying to get wind speed. I am using a constant wind HH file.

Thank you,
Antonio Ahuja

Hi, Antonio.

Sorry you’ve had some trouble. Hopefully this will help:

It sounds like you are running an older version of the FAST_SFunc (pre v7), but using the Read_Fast_Input.m file distributed with v7.00.00a. There is no need for the variable input_len in the new S-Function so it was removed from the Read_Fast_Input.m script. Make sure you use the old .m file with the old SFunc; the new SFunc should be able to work with either version. (You can use Matlab’s “which” command to figure out which script or function it is using.)

There is a problem in AeroDyn v13.00.00a-bjj with HH wind files containing only one line. To get around this problem, you can add a second line to your HH wind file, keeping everything but the time constant.