Simulating two turbines (one behind the other)


I have a following problem to model: I simulate in FAST one small turbine and would like to use the output matrix (defined behind the first turbine, involving information about wind characteristics - speed and turbulence intensity) as an input for a second turbine. Their axes of rotation for both rotors are colinear, they are moved from each other by a certain distance.

Is there a possibility to extract such data from FAST? I realize there is an additional software suitable for wind farms simulation. Would it be of any help?
Thank you in advance for your advice!

Sebastian Dziomdziora

Dear Sebastian,

It sounds like you want to model a mini wind-plant composed of two small wind turbines. FAST can be used to model wind plants when used in conjunction with SOWFA (high fidelity) or DWM (mid fidelity).

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

To learn the DWM+FAST and address I am now trying to simulate two baseline 5MW onshore NREL turbines in FAST v8 using DWM (release from March this year). I am getting a successful run of the FAST within the DWM but unfortunately after completing the DWM, the run fails. I see the *.out file is created by FAST, called by the DWM_driver program, when it completes its round, but DWM ends with error:
“File not found, unit 10, file …\Wake_width_Turbine_0.bin”
How can I get the “0” baseline turbine file created? What am I doing wrong? I would be greatful for your comments in regards to that.
I attach printscreens to better visualize the problem:


Hi everyone!

I am trying to use DWM-FAST and everytime I run it, I get the same error that Sebastian.Dziomdziora. After reading several times the Users Guide I reach a conclusion that to simulate an unique wind turbine, instead of using DWm.driver I have to use FAST+Aerodyn, am I right?

If not, which which is the way to simulate one wind turbine without having the error of “File not found, unit 10, file …\Wake_width_Turbine_0.bin”.

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Finally I succeed in running DWM with FASTv8. For that, I´ve used the NRELOffshrBsline5MW ITIBarge4 model and the wind farm model that is explained in the User´s Guide. However, while using the Matlab scripts as well as I got a logical simulation of the wake deficit, in the case of the wake meandering I got no values.

I don´t know which could be the problem, as during the simulation FAST doesn´t point out any errors.

Thank you in advance.

Ignacio Trojaola

Hi, Ignacio.

I’d suggest you contact the authors of the DWM module, listed on the DWM web page. I’m not sure they read these forums very regularly, so you will probably get a faster answer there. (And if you can, post what you learn here, so others can benefit, too.)

Dear Bonnie,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I would contact Yujia Hao and when I get an asnwer I will post it here as well as the things I´ve learnt by my own.

Best regards

I have the same problem in running the DWM software “File not found, unit 10, file …\Wake_width_Turbine_0.bin”.
I sent an Email to the authors of the DWM module but I didn’t receive any reply. I appreciate if anyone can completely explain how can I run this software and which files are necessary to run this software.
Best regards,
Ebrahim Mohammadi

Hi Ebrahim,

DWM software needs the file Wake_width_Turbine_0.bin to run the simulation of the complete wind farm. This file file is created by FAST throughout Aerodyn, so that, you need to simulate FAST to obtain that file before starting to simulate DWM.

What you have to do is ask FAST to run its “internal” DWM, the command you have to put in the cmd is:

C:(directory of the file)>(Name of the FAST software with the root(.exe)) (the text you are going to simulate with the root(.fst)) (0) (DWM without root)

In my case: FAST_x64.exe Test22.fst 0 DWM

The number 0, is to indicate that you are simulating the case 0, which is going to be used by DWM to simulate the wind farm.

Of course, as indicated in the DWM manual you need to create two folders, in order to save the outputs that FAST and DWM create.

Hope this helps,

Dear Ignacio,
Thank you for your message. I run the FAST but the program faces with a new error. When I run the FAST without 0 DWM it runs successfully, the following command:
FAST_win32.exe Test22.fst
But when I run the FAST considering 0 DWM (FAST_win32.exe Test22.fst 0 DWM) it faces the following error :
“forrtl:server<157>: program exception:access violation
Image PC Routine line Source
FAST_win32.exe 017CE3BA Unknown Unknown Unknown
I appreciate if you could guide me.
Best regards,

Dear Ebrahim,

I have never had that type of error.

In my folder I have everything together: DWM, FAST and Test. Thus, I open the cmd promp in that folder and it is enough to write the command that I told you before.

I do not know which could be the problem, because that error is commonly caused by lots of things.

Best regards,


If you are getting a segmentation fault with the DWM routines, I suggest you make sure your AeroDyn v14 input file is set to print all of the blade elements (all BldNodes entries of the last (PrnElm) column of the blade node/element table should say “PRINT” instead of “NOPRINT”). It looks like this limitation has been fixed in a version of AeroDyn v14 available later this week, but older versions will produce a seg fault.


I tried running DWM with FAST but I got the following error;
Opening InflowWind input file: .\AWT27/Test01_InflowWind.dat
Error opening existing file, “DWM-driver\DWM_parameter.bin”

When I checked the archive files supported by DWM, it was supposed that in the directory “Test” it would be three items as shown;
However, I can only find the text file “wind_farm.txt”, but not the other two items; DWM-driver and DWM-results. I think those missing items cause this error. I tried downloading the archive more than one time and couldn’t find the missing items. I would appreciate if anyone can send me these items.

my email:

Thanks in advance.
Amr Ismaiel

Dear Amr,

I have no experience running the DWM code, so, cannot really answer your question.

We are currently working at NREL on a new DWM-like software called FAST.Farm that will replace the DWM code. The initial public release of FAST.Farm is not expected until September, 2017, but you can read about the implementation details in the AIAA SciTech 2017 paper we presented in January: We are currently working on finalizing the source code and calibrating the empirical coefficients. After that, we’ll perform validation before the first public release.

Best regards,

Thank you Dr Jason for your prompt reply. I will consider it in my study.

Hello everyone!

This thread is a bit old but I hope that people who faced the same problem and who found something can help me.

Actually, I face the same problem as Ebrahim Mohammadi and Sebastian Dziomdziora on DWM. I tried the solution of Ignacio Trojaola, but it doesn’t seem to work for me: FAST runs but… that is all.

I attached a picture. Has someone found a solution?

Indeed, using seems to be the best solution, but I am supposed to use DWM for my internship so I must at least manage to simulate with it.

Thank you for the replies and have a nice day!

Hi everyone,

I found the problem: Indeed, it was necessary to create the case “0”.

But only AeroDyn v14 has DWM subroutines. So to create the missing file, it must be used instead of AeroDyn v15.

I hope it will help people as forgetful as I am.