Simulating gusts using IECWind


I’ve been trying to simulate uni-directional gusts using IECWind (since it was used for Test12 in CertTest folder of FAST_V8.15).

The allowed transient duration is 10-12 seconds. Is it because it is close to reality?

I wish to create a wind profile with multiple gusts (occurring at specific points in time). Is that possible? In IECWind, multiple wind files seem to be getting generated if I add more gusts, rather than in a single wind file.

Is there any way of creating such a wind profile either using IECWind or any other software?

Edit: Can the gust speed column generated in the IECWind .wnd file be accessed as an OutList parameter in FAST?

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Dear Sarat,

IECWind is a simple code for generating wind data files in InflowWind’s “uniform” wind file format of the discrete wind events specified in the IEC 61400-1 wind turbine design standard (e.g., ECD, EOG, etc.).

If you want to define your own gusts (i.e. not use the standard IEC ones), you could make the wind files manually or modify IECWind to generate the wind files you want.

The InflowWind module of FAST v8 can output the wind vectors at multiple locations in space, but it doesn’t output specific columns of the “uniform” wind file. See the InflowWind User’s Guide for more information:

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