IECWind / wind-file 1000sec or longer?


I used the Fast-environment and the possibility to implement my own transferfunction for a generator model, to use the external torque and pitch control in Simulink. Now I want to create an wind file for turbulent winds. Therefore i want to use the MakeWind (IECWind.exe) from NREL-HP.
The problem / question i have is, how i can produce a wind-file over 1000sec or longer? Because in the InputDescription from IECWind there are only test cases across 10sec and this is too few.

Thx Harald

Dear Harald,

IECWind is simple code for making IEC-style discrete wind data files in AeroDyn’s “hub-height” format (e.g., ECD, EOG, etc.). The TurbSim code has been developed for computing turbulent wind data for AeroDyn based on turbulence spectra, spatial coherence, and component-to-component correlation. You can find the TurbSim code here:

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