Simulating buoy with turbines

Hey everyone,
I’m a student Elektromechanica who is now in a project to stabilize a buoy.
I am supposed to simulate the behaviour of the bouy in severe open sea conditions. I read the FAST manual, but it is still unclear for me what the possibilities are in my case.

My project is about a windturbine on a bouy in combination with a current turbine mounted under the bouy. With the upper part suffers wind flow forces and the bottem part suffers water flow forces.

My purpose is to simulate this situation, to be clear, it would be a system with two pendulum motions at the end and both turbines (wind and current) can turn 360°.
In a next stage I want to use the current turbine as an actuator to stabilize the bouy in severe open sea conditions.

Now I’m wondering if my purpose is reachable with FAST codes.
That I’m able to calculate the position (angle) of the buoy when I have active control on the rotor speed and the direction of the current turbine.

I’m sorry if this is not the right forum/section.

Thank you for any help.

Dear Matteo,

The present version of FAST does not have a model of actuators–like a current turbine–under the water. You would have to modify the FAST source code to model such a system.

Best regards,