Running error

Dear Sir,

I got one running error when I tried to run FAST.
The message is "Message from ED_Update States: ED_ABM4: ED_AB4: ED_CalcContStateDeriv: Division by zero in NWTC Library subroutine GaussElim"
The model I built is scaled of one 2MW offshore floating wind turbine, and I checked the mass of platform, tower, nacelle, hub,blade. There is no problem which means the mass of those items are not zero.
So I wonder could you give me some advice about how to check where the problem is ?  Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Dear Shining,

Did you also check that the mass moments of inertias are nonzero (platform, yaw, generator, hub)? If so, and you still can’t track down the problem, I suggest that you try to systematically disable degrees-of-freedom until the error message goes away to better isolate the problem.

Best regards,