Rigid OWT

Dear Jason,

I’m using FASTv8 simulation of monopile-type OWT, but I want to compare the difference of the Flexible OWT and Rigid OWT, but Rigid OWT I should how to adjust parameters, is in subdyn adjust the rigidity and damping, or locked platform of six degrees of freedom(DOF), if neither. Can you tell me how to simulate the Rigid OWT.

Thank you very much! I am Looking forward to your reply!

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Dear Zhou.Lin,

Setting CBMod = True with Nmodes = 0 in SubDyn will eliminate the Craig-Bampton modes of the substructure. Disabling the platform DOFs in ElastoDyn (PtfmSgDOF = PtfmSwDOF = PtfmHvDOF = PtfmRDOF = PtfmPDOF = PtfmYDOF = False) will further eliminate the Guyan modes of the substructure. Combined, the substructure will be modeled completely rigidly.

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