Results for OC4 Phase I (jacket), Load Case 2.1

Dear all,

I am looking for the published results for OC4 Phase 1 (jacket), LC2.1 (static simulation including gravity and buoyancy forces only). It seems that this particular set of results is missing from the Task 30 Research Results site ( Results from the other load cases are available for download.

Could anyone suggest an alternative download location?

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Dear Aengus,

The OC4 Phase I (jacket) results are available in the following Google Drive: … sp=sharing.

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for sending on the link to the Google drive - this is helpful - and it looks like some of the results files may be more up-to-date than the IEA Task 30 site which I was looking at.

The folder for LC2.1 on the Google drive looks blank also! I was just looking for the source data for the graph presented in Fig.6(b) (vertical force at mudline for static solution) in the OC4 Phase 1 Summary paper. But not to worry if the data is simply unavailable…

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Sorry for this missing information. NREL did not lead this phase of the OC4 project, and I have not been able to find this dataset either. The person who ran this phase was Wojciech Popko from Fraunhofer. I will follow-up with you offline to try to get you connected.