Resultant Primary Wind (MLife)

Hello all,

Very brief question regarding the Primary Wind Speed Channel (WSChan) in an MLife input file.

I have some cases where my turbine is yawed by 60 degrees, the results are correct & match hand-calcs.

However, when I use MLife to process the data I can only specify one primary wind speed channel. I can’t seem to figure out if I can use the resultant wind speed (Between x-axis and y-axis for example). This is effecting my binning as I can’t compare with other cases correctly (aligned with 0 degrees)

I’d like to use the resultant, otherwise I am under evaluating the actual in-line wind speed

Is this possible? or will I have to modify my FAST .INP file to request some resultant value and re-run some cases?


I believe I can achieve what I want by using the “HorWindV” or “TotWindV” in my InflowWind file as listed in the OutlistParameters speadsheet. However, when I request them - I get “INVALID” in my .OUT file.

Have these output requests changed? Maybe in their spelling etc…

Dear Joseph,

The ambient wind-related outputs “HorWindV” and “TotWindV” from older versions of FAST are not available from InflowWind. Instead, you can create your own calculated channel in MLife and use that e.g.

"HorWindV" "(m/s)" "sqrt( timeSeriesData(:,$Wind1VelX$).^2 + timeSeriesData(:,$Wind1VelY$).^2 )"

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Dear Jason,

Ah, I was thinking that might be the case!

So just to clarify as my experience in Matlab is limited - I can create a custom channel (say “HorWindV” in this case), specify that channel as the primary wind-speed channel (WSChan) in my .mlif input file, and MLife should proceed as normal just with a new channel as the windspeed.

Have I got that right?

Many thanks for replying, this is a fabulous resource.


UPDATE: I had overlooked the Calculated Channels section in the MLife Users guide, so no need for a reply!

Manys thanks again[/b]