Regarding Turbulence Intensity value of NREL Phase VI turb?

I have done CFD analysis of NREL Phase VI turbine.
I have doubts regarding Turbulence Intensity inlet and outlet value
In some works, it has been mentioned TI for Experimental data is 0.1% and in few has mentioned 0.2%.
I can’t get information about the outlet (backflow).
In general in FLUENT outlet is usually 5%.
So my work is mainly about Wake analysis. For wake analysis T.I value is important. So now my worries what T.I value has to be set for inlet and outlet value for the CFD analysis.

2nd my issue is. T.I in CFD or in Wind Tunnel analysis, we set the T.I at inlet and outlet, how it can be linked with atmospheric boundary condition (atmosphere surrounding the wake) in real time operation.