Regarding 90m_12mps.dat

Dear jonkman,
I am trying to make this wind file 90m_12mps to run for 5MW NREL wind turbine but when I am running its .fst file it is giving error which i have attached below (untitled.jpg). Please find this attached print screen and help me out to run it properly .

thanking you.

Dear Anuj,

The wind field generated by TurbSim must encompass the entire rotor for the entire simulation, including any structural displacement that might occur, or else you will get errors about “Grid to small in …”. For a land-based wind turbine, I would typically set the grid size to be about 10% more than the rotor diameter in the horizontal and vertical directions. For a floating offshore wind turbine, I would set the grid size much larger. Please see the May 17, 2010 post in the forum topic linked here for an example TurbSim input file we’ve used for the NREL 5-MW baseline turbine:

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