Real Measured WT Data

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Hello to everyone,

I am new here, but first of all congratulations for this forum, it is very useful.
I have a question, ¿there is a possibility to download real operational measured data from in-situ wind turbines e.g. NREL 5-MW Landbase? I mean, operational parameters measured by sensors, such as: accelerations, torque, generated power, or the possibles parameters that are been monitorized inside of the machine.

I am asking this because I already dowloaded real wind data from M2, M4 and M5 mast and I don’t know if real measured wind turbine data is also available.

I tried to find it at the forum but I was unsuccessful, maybe I done the wrong search.
I am asking for this information because I have a lot of interest in developing degradation models of the wind turbines, and I think that real data will be very useful for the development of it.

If someone can help me I really appreciate it,
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Dear Diego,

NREL does not have datasets of measurements taken from real wind turbines operating in the field available in the public domain. Such datasets are normally made available only through direct collaboration with NREL or our partners.

Just to clarify: the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine is not a real wind turbine, but a computer model derived from a composite of other wind turbine properties (real and numerical).

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Dear Jason,

I appreciate your quickly response, I will take into account the clarification about the NREL 5-MW wind turbine.

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