rainflow.py parameters

Hey there,

I’m running a rainflow calculation on a number of FAST outputs using a file called rainflow.py in AeroelasticSE (github.com/WISDEM/AeroelasticSE … ainflow.py). I was hoping to be pointed to documentation for the file, especially for parameters nEquivalantCounts and equivFreq.

Thanks in advance!
Bryce Ingersoll

Dear Bryce,

I have no experience with AeroelasticsSE (I would contact Katherine Dykes about that; I don’t think she regularly checks this forum). But from my brief look, it appears that the fatigue calculation is similar to that used in our MLife tool (nwtc.nrel.gov/MLife). From the example, I would guess that equivFreq is the frequency (in Hz) of the constant amplitude cycles used in the damage-equivalent load (1 Hz is typical) and nEquivalantCounts is the number of cycles in a given simulation (e.g. a 10-min simulation would have 600 cycles at 1 Hz).

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Great, thanks for your help!