I m a little bit confused whether the rainflow counting algorithm provided with MLife outputs ranges or amplitudes (range=2*Amplitude). The rfhist Routine asks for Amplitude in the flag
% rfflag - string, data type flag,
% ‘ampl’ for amplitude,
% ‘mean’ for mean value,
% ‘freq’ for frequency and ‘period’ for time period of
% extracted cycles.
and the rainflow Routine documentation writes about amplitudes.

In the MLife Manual Greg Hayman writes about ranges. My results seem to be ranges as well at a first glance.

Thank you!

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Florian, as stated in the MLife User’s Guide on page on page 6, “If you wish, DELs can be outputted as peak-to-peak ranges (DEL_AsRange = true) or as one-sided amplitudes (DEL_AsRange = false).” The rainflow counts themselves are tracked based on the number of full cycles (valley-to-peak-to-valley), but the DELs can be reported as ranges or one-sided amplitudes.

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Greg Hayman