Feature requests solicited for MCrunch fatigue calculations


I’ve added some fatigue calculations to my MatLab script, MCrunch. So far, the script generates rainflow cycles storing the range, mean, and a weight for unclosed cycles. The user has the option to bin the cycles by just range or both range and mean. It also computes the (range-only) damage-equivalent load using the unbinned cycles.

Possible enhancements to the code are plotting of results and lifetime calculations.

If these or other options are of interest to you, please post your ideas. What are you doing now that MCrunch can automate for you? What sort of plots would you like to see? What kind of output do you need?

If you want me to add new calculations to MCrunch, please send me a source for equations and/or algorithms.

I don’t have time to do everything that occurs to all of you, so some indication of how important features are to you would be useful for setting my priorities.