Questions about Parallel Computing

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I am here to ask for my friends that if the FORTRAN Code of FAST is capable of parallel computing? If not, what should we do?

Dear Xing,

The calculations within FAST have not yet been made parallel because there is not yet been a need to do so to handle the memory or computation speed requirements. Instead, multiple FAST simulations are often run in parallel (in batch mode).

That said, the modularization framework of FAST v8 was set up with future parallel processing in mind, and this may be a path to pursue in the future.

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we are doing parallel computing by distributing thousands of single load cases (single FAST instances) into our network with several workstations using HTCondor. Condor is open source and manages the jobs within your cluster.
Each load case does not run so long. The problem is indeed more the quantity of load cases.

Alternatively microsoft HPC works as well (I used it with Flex5 in the past which is also one instance per DLC).

I would be interested to know if someone already tried to run multiple FAST Jobs on Amazon Cloud.

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Florian Stache