Question about individual blade pitch control simulation

Hello Everyone,
Recently, I do some reseachs on individual blade pitch control for 5MW wind turbine, which is defined by Dr. Jokman. As we know , FAST has Simulink interface. One of inputs for wind turbine block is named “ Blade Pitch Angles(rad)” . My question is as follow:
“Blade Pitch Angles(rad)” is a vector, including “ Blade pitch1, Blade pitch2, Blade pitch2”. Three values must be the same? For individual blade pitch control, for every simulation step, pitch angles may be different, so which place should I change when I use FAST-Simulink for simulation. Thank you!


Dear Jucy,

Like you said, the block in Simulink that sends blade pitch angles to FAST allows for pitch-angle inputs for all three blades. To model collective pitch control, these three angles should be set identically. For independent pitch control, these three angles can be set differently.

I hope that helps.

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Dear Jason,

Thank you for your help!