How to setup FAST s-function for individual pitch control purpose

Dear all,

I have a question regarding how to couple an individual pitch controller implemented in Matlab/Simulink with the FAST v7 s-function.
Currently, I found out all the 3 blade pitch angles are combine to one input signal and sent to FAST v7 s-function (See the attached figure). This is exactly the need for the collective pitch controller. But the question is how to input the 3 blade pitch angles separately to the FAST v7 s-function in order to achieve IPC control?

Can anyone help me on this question?

thank you very much in advance.

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Fanzhong Meng

Dear Fanzhong Meng,

In the Simulink interface for FAST v7 (and FAST v8) while the blade-pitch angles are grouped together, you must specify distinct pitch angles for each blade separately (even if all of the angles are same, for a collective blade-pitch controller). So, the S-Function is directly set-up to support individual blade-pitch control (IPC).

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Dear Jason,

Thank you very much.
Initially, I also thought like this and just want to make sure I am right.
So now your answer solves the problem.

Thanks again.

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