TurbSim v1.20 available on the NWTC Design Codes website

A new version of TurbSim is now available at wind.nrel.gov/designcodes/preprocessors/turbsim/.

TurbSim v1.20 incorporates new spectral scaling for the NWTCUP model, based on measurements from the NWTC LIST experiment. In previous versions of the code, the NWTCUP model used spectra from the wind farm upwind model (WF_UPW).

This version of TurbSim includes small changes to some of the scaling in the GP_LLJ and wind farm models, and includes changes to the scaling for coherent structures with the SMOOTH model. It also fixes a problem with the scaling in BLADED-style *.wnd output files when the turbulence intensity is very small.

Please see the change log and the updated user’s guide on the web site for more details on changes to the code.