New Version of TurbSim Available on our Web Site

I have uploaded TurbSim version 1.50 to the NWTC Design Codes Web site. Along with the new version of the code, I’ve published an updated and significantly expanded user’s guide, also available on the Web site. The guide includes many more figures, tables, and equations… and a quick-start guide for those less interested in all those details.

Changes in version 1.50 include the following:(1) Physical memory requirements have been reduced, allowing users to create grids with many more points than previous versions of the code could obtain.

(2) A new option for scaling IEC turbulence is available. The ScaleIEC parameter now allows inputs of 0 (a value of “false” in v1.40), 1 (“true” in v1.40), and 2 (the new scaling option). See the User’s Guide section on parameter ScaleIEC for details.

(3) Scaling parameters for coherent structures and for the site-specific GP_LLJ and NWTCUP models have been slightly modified. See the change log for specific details.
You should not have to modify your input files from version 1.40 (unless you want to use the new IEC scaling), and the results of the IECKAI and IECVKM models have not changed.

You can download the code and the TurbSim User’s Guide at

Happy computing!