Proposed new tangential induction factor in Ind_PropX

Dear all,

I have been trying to implement the iterative loop used in the subroutine Ind_PropX for the calculation of the induction factors in a BEM code. However, when trying to demonstrate the equation for a’ I obtained a result that was slightly different to the Ind_PropX implementation. I attach a file where I wrote down my calculations.

Thank you for your help.


demonst.pdf (105 KB)


I apologize for not answering a long time ago. I was in the middle of a high-priority project and I am just now getting back to things I had to ignore earlier.

You must be looking at an old version of WT_Perf because we no longer include the Ind_PropX routine. Please download the latest alpha version of WT_Perf. You can get it here:


My apprentice, Andy Platt, is working on a beta version of WT_Perf and we hope to release in the coming weeks.