Problems running

See message I get below when running the Crunch test- I think I am giving the correct syntax
C:\Apps\Crunch\CertTest> win32

Syntax is: <ExecType>

where is one of: win32, win64, gwin32, or gwin64.

Example: win32

will execute Crunch_win32.exe.

Dear Marshall.Buhl, Greg Hayman and Bonnie Jonkman,

I also have the same problem as Scott has on getting the to run, under the \CertTest folder of the Crunch_v3.02.00c-mlb released version .

I installed the Anaconda2 (python 2.7, 32-bit version), and ran the following command: win32

Thereafter, there was no response from the system except that the script file was automatically opened .
My system is 64-bit Windows 7.

Later I also tried using the “win64” method through the same way (install Anaconda3 <python 3.5, 64-bit version> and run the command “ win64”), however, leading to the same response.

Could you give any advice on how to resolve this problem? As I think it is common.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Best Regards,
Yingyi Liu