MCrunch executable not working?


I am trying to convert my Crunch files to MCrunch. My student version of MATLAB from 2004 generates several syntax errors when running CertTest, so I thought I would try the MCrunch executable. In parallel I’m getting a new installation of MATLAB from my other employer (a local university), but the new licenses there only allow on-campus access. If you ever think of going back to the completely open-source Crunch, I would fully support it.

So I tried the executable version of MCrunch on my new settings file, and no statistics files or summary files get generated. As stated in the manual, there are no messages generated, so I have no idea what the problem is. Would you please send me example files or point me to ones in the distribution with MCrunch that actually generate some output using the MCrunch executable. Then hopefully I can modify these to work for my data. I am not sure if you can attach files to forum posts, so my email is


I have obtained a VPN to run MATLAB remotely from the university, so I will not continue with the MCrunch executable. I consider the case closed.