Possible CAD file for 5MW gearbox

There is a publication entitled “Development of a 5MW reference gearbox for offshore wind turbines”. The authors are A. R. Nejad, Yi Guo, Zhen Gao and Torgeir Moan. In that paper there is a three-dimensional drawing of a proposed gearbox (Figures 1 and 8). Do you know if a CAD file of this gearbox is available for download? I would like to perform static stress testing on the gearbox and bearings using Fusion 360 with data from FAST.
Arnold Ramsland

Figures 1 and 8 were generated using a commercial multibody-simulation tool, SIMPACK, the software link is here:

In SIMPACK, users input dimension/design parameters and the software render a graphic drawing. Unfortunately, we do not have a CAD file for the 5MW gearbox model.