Gearbox model and Turbine Model

Dear all,

Is there anyone have tried to build or find information about the gearbox model for NREL 5MW wind turbine? Right now the gearbox is only a ratio of 97.2 without dynamics.

Does anyone have a wind turbine model which is close to 750 kw? I checked the “CerTest” fold, but I didn’t find something close.

I appreciate any useful information and concern.

Zhichao Yu
Kansas State University

Dear Zhichao,

The details of the drivetrain/gearbox (shafts, bearings, gears, etc.) of the NREL 5-MW turbine have never been specified. Some of the few details regarding the drivetrain/gearbox that have been defined are:

*Gearbox ratio (just FYI: The gearbox ratio is 97:1, not 97.2:1)
*Torsional stiffness
*Generator and hub inertias
*Location of main bearing relative to hub

You can find all of these in the NREL 5-MW specifications report. I don’t believe any of the references from which the NREL 5-MW turbine was based have the details I suspect you are seeking either.

NREL does not have 750-kW turbine FAST model available for download. I know that the WindPACT design studies considered a 750-kW turbine (scaled from the 1.5-MW turbine), but I don’t have a FAST model of this turbine. With a bit of work, you could probably create your own using the available information from the WindPACT studies. Also, our CART2 and CART3 FAST models are for (2- and 3-bladed) 600-kW turbines, but I don’t believe these are available to the general public.

Best regards,

Thank you for the useful information. I know the directions I could go now.


Dear Dr. Jonkman,

As you suggested, I am reading the “WindPACT Turbine DesignScaling Studies”. And I know that the WindPACT 1.5 MW turbine(Test 11) is available in “Certest”.
Do you have any contact who could possibly has the 750kw model?

Thank you very much.

Zhichao Yu

Dear Zhichao,

Unfortunately, both authors of the WindPACT rotor design study have since retired. I’m not sure where you can find a FAST model of the WindPACT 750-kW turbine. Even if you could, I’m sure the model would be for a very old version of FAST, which would not be compatible with the latest release. I suspect it would be easier to create your own FAST model from the available information in the WindPACT reports.

Best regards,

Thanks a lot, Dr. Jonkman. I will do the work.


Zhichao Yu
Kansas State University