Plot Aerodyn matlab functions

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use the function ‘Plot_AeroDyn_Markers.m’ which I obtained from the directory of Mr. Jonkman. Trying to use it, I’ve seen that there is one file that we don’t have, the one called NRELOffshrBsline5MW_ADAMS_plotInfo.txt. Is this file only created when interfacing Aerodyn with ADAMS?
We are not using ADAMS, so if this is the problem I would like to know.

I also would like to know if there is any matlab function to plot the aerodynamic forces (.elm file) obtained while running Aerodyn (as the one to plot the output files from FAST)

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Oriol.

I placed the Plot_AeroDyn_Markers.m in my directory for another user who was trying to couple AeroDyn with another code and make sure his positions and orientations were set up correctly. It’s something I wrote for my own use and don’t support for general use. However, the file you are missing is one that can be generated by FAST v7.02.00, assuming you set parameter OutputPlottingInfo = .TRUE. in AeroDyn.f90 and recompile the code.

As for the routine to plot the AeroDyn output, that capability will be part of PlotFASToutput.m by the time we release it. Meanwhile, there are a couple of ways to you can plot it:
(1) add a few blanks lines at the top of the .elm file so that the channel headers are on line 7 and units are on line 8, or
(2) add some arguments to the call to ReadFASTtext() in the version of PlotFASToutput.m that you already have. You can look at the ReadFASTtext documentation, but basically you just need to tell it delim = ''; HeaderRows= 3; NameLine = 2; UnitsLine = 3;