OpenFast V3.0.0 Initializing warnings for DTU 10 MW with NAUTILUS semi-submersible

Dear all,
I tried to adjust the DTU 10MW with NAUTILUS semi-submersible input files for OpenFast to be compatible with the new version (3.0.0).
After testing the new adjusted files, the simulation terminated normally, but I received the following warnings during the initialization of OpenFast:
FAST_InitializeAll:AD_Init:AD_SetInitOut:Airfoil files do not contain the same number of x-y coordinates.
FAST_InitializeAll:InitModuleMappings:ED_2_AD_BladeMotion(2):MeshMapCreate:CreateMotionMap_L2_to_L2:CreateMapping_ProjectToLine2:Found close value for node 38. (1.47427E-05 m)
InitModuleMappings:ED_2_AD_BladeMotion(3):MeshMapCreate:CreateMotionMap_L2_to_L2:CreateMapping_ProjectToLine2:Found close value for node 38. (1.47427E-05 m)
I was not receiving these warnings when I used FAST 8.16.
I wonder if these are normal warnings, if not, how can I avoid getting them?

Thank you in advance for your help,
With Best Regards,
Mohamad Hmedi

Dear Mohamad,

Both of these are simple informational warnings that are not of too much concern. The first warning regarding x-y coordinates would become an error if you enabled surface visualization, in which case, each airfoil must have the same number x-y coordinates (NumCoords). The second warning is a about a slight incompatibility between the ElastoDyn structural mesh and the AeroDyn aerodynamic mesh but the incompatilibity is small and OpenFAST considers it within tolerance; you could eliminate this warning by a small shift to the location of blade aerodynamic node 38.

Assuming you didn’t change NumCoord or the ElastoDyn or AeroDyn blade discretizations, I’m not fully sure why you did not receive these warnings in FAST v8.16 (I don’t recall these subtle details of the source code change), but the warnings are not too important anyway.

Best regards,