OpenFAST model or complete datasheet of a NM92 wind turbine (open access experimental campaign)

Dear OpenFAST team and users,
We are developing a wind speed estimator and we want to compare our results with the available experimental data ( · master · FAIR data / WindData Revamp / WindData Documentation · GitLab ).
The dataset consists of raw time series from a mast, turbine power and load measurements (25 Hz), we think it could be interesting to have an NM92/2750kW FAST model.
We have not found the NM92 data necessary to build an OpenFAST model, does anyone have FAST input files or a complete datasheet?
Best regards,
Luca Pustina

Dear Luca,

I’m not aware that an OpenFAST model or the aeroelastic properties of this turbine are available in the public domain.

Best regards,