OpenFAST binaries

Hi all,

I noticed that the latest OpenFAST versions are precompiled only as 64-bit binaries. Up to v2.5.0 also 32-bit versions were available.

Since I like to use Bladed-DLLs in my OpenFAST simulations (which are 32-bit), I need a 32-bit OpenFAST version.

Could you please also provide a 32-bit binary package?

Thanks and best Regards,

Dear Marvin,

The process to compile and upload the Windows precompiled binaries is not automated, so, we’ve only been uploading the most commonly used binaries. And I have not compiled the 32-bit version of the Windows OpenFAST binary myself. You can always compile binaries that NREL has not provided yourself. On Windows, I find the use of Intel Visual Fortran within Visual Studio the easiest approach to compile. Both are now free to use (without a paid license).

Best regards,