FAST Compiled with Bladed Style DLL Interface

Hi Everybody!

I wouldn’t normally ask this as it severely dents my engineer pride, but does anybody have a compiled Windows version of FAST with the Bladed style controller? I want to work with the NREL 5MW reference turbine and I’m really struggling to get it to compile.

After 3 days of trying I finally managed to compile the normal code using MinGW (I had to track down an old version to get it to work) but when I tried to compile it with the makefile, UserSubs and UserVSCont_KP edited as described in the user guide it came unstuck because it’s missing kernel32.mod! This appears to be allowed for in the Intel compiler but not in MinGW, but as the Intel compiler costs a cool $1800 dollars it’s not an option for me.

If a compiled .exe isn’t available, if anyone has any other ideas to get it to work they would be much appreciated!


Dear Pete,

You can find a version of FAST v7.02.00d-bjj compiled as a Windows 32-bit application with the GH Bladed DLL inteface here: … erface.exe.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Thanks very much Jason, I found that folder just as I was leaving work. I’m actually glad I found out about it after I managed to compile the normal version of FAST as I’ve been meaning to learn to compile code for ages!