NWTC 135-m Turbine Inflow Towers data and MST time zone

I’ve been going through the M2, M4, and M5 tower data published here: NWTC 135-m towers

The time data given for M2 is clearly MST (which I’m going to add +7 hours to convert it to UTC), MST appears in the header of the CSV file.
However, M4 and M5 timezone are not given explicitly in the files downloaded here: Index of /MetData/135mData/M4Twr/10min. Is the time data for M4 and M5 records also MST, or are they UTC? The “M4/M5 now” webpages log data in UTC but I wanted to be sure since the time difference is quite large.

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Dear @Huseyin.Can.Onel,

I asked around and it was confirmed that M4 and M5 are processed in UTC.

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Dr. Jonkman, thank you very much for the clarification.