Dear all,
To day i have started using NuMad. I did all the steps successfully. My MATLAB Version is R2008b. when i entered numad at the matlab command prompt, it gave me the following errors
??? Error: File: NuMAD_main.m Line: 27 Column: 21
Expression or statement is incorrect–possibly unbalanced (, {, or [.

Error in ==> numad at 17
I have checked the syntax and it seems ok. can any one tell me how to debugg the errors. Does it have something with the Matlab version???

NREL does not support NuMAD. Perhaps someone from Sandia reads these forums and can help, but I’d recommend that you first try to use the support information on the NuMAD website: … ool-numad/

Hi Bonnie.Jonkman
Thanks for your support. J C Berg from sandia solved my problem through email contact. The issue was actually my Matlab Version was R2008, where as Numad require R2010 or later versions.
Best Regards