error reading "NMGDepths" while running Hydrodyn

Hello Jason,
i am trying to run Hydrodyne independently (not under Fast).
in the section MARINE GROWTH an error message: “invalid numerical input … trying to read NMGDepth”
the attachment contains copies of the DOS command window and of the related line in the input data file.
thank you, moti
error_message.doc (220 KB)

Dear Moti,

My guess is your HydroDyn input file is formatted improperly somewhere in the file. As with any input file format problem, I suggest that you use the Echo option from the input file to debug errors in the input-file processing.

Best regards,


echoing didn’t help.
an error message in other trials of running HydroDyn was in the section: MEMBER CROSS-SECTION PROPERTIES,
that can’t read NPropSets.

thanks, Moti

Dear Moti,

Please attach your HyrdoDyn input file and the associated echo file.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

The extensions of the 4 attached files are txt because i failed to attach otherwise. i hope it is ok.
The run of “hull” was aborted due to failure reading NMGDepths and “hull2” was aborted by NPropSets.

Bests, Moti

I don’t see that the files were attached.

I copied the contents to the attached wards.

Apologizing for the inconvenient, Moti
files_of_hull2.doc (70.5 KB)
files_of_hull.doc (74.5 KB)

Dear Moti,

Looking briefly at your files, I see that:

  • The “hull” file is failing because you’ve set NFillGroups=0, but you still have a row of data in the subsequent table (beginning with " 32 1 2"…).
  • The “hull2” file is failing because you’ve set NJoints=2, but you have 3 joints listed in the subsequent table.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Hi Jason,

Finally the simulations ran. Your comments also helped me to identify the other bugs.

Thank you very much, Moti