NREL 5MW region 3 torque control

Hi Jason,

I was wondering if you had a reference (besides your 2009 report) for the region 3 torque control for the NREL 5MW:
Was this original work, or is this type of control (GenTrq = VS_RtPwr/GenSpeedF) common in production turbines? I’m used to the method of just saturating torque above rated gen speed.


Hi Scott,

The region 3 torque control law for the NREL 5-MW turbine was not original work. I based the region 3 controller on the controller described in this Risoe report:

Hansen, M. H., Hansen, A., Larsen, T. J., Oeye, S., Soerensen, and Fuglsang, P., Control Design for a Pitch-Regulated, Variable-Speed Wind Turbine, Risoe-R-1500(EN), Roskilde, Denmark: Risoe National Laboratory, January 2005.

I think it is more common in wind turbines to employ contant power above rated, rather than constant torque.

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Thank you for the reply and reference.