Modelling 1.5 MW Blade

Hi everybody,
For a CFD-simulation i`m modelling the shape of the 1.5 MW turbine in CAD.
In the “Subcontract Report NREL/SR-500-32496” on page 16 is the following sentence written:

  • The blade section was circular between the root at 5% … , and then it transformed to the S818 30% airfoil shape

What does that mean “30 % airfoil shape” ?

Thanks for help.


Dear Patrick,

I think you mean NREL/SR-500-32495, which is the WindPACT Turbine Rotor Design Study report.

By “30%”, I believe they mean a thickness-to-chord ratio of 30%. Table 3-2 on page 17 of that report refers to the airfoil aspect ratio of 0.3 for the S818 airfoil at 25% span for the 1.5-MW turbine.

Best regards,