MLife Download not available


I am looking for the download of the latest MLife version, but the website is not available.

I’ve tried to reach (the Google cached page shows content, but any files from are not working).

Could please someone give it a try? Hopefully, this only a short-time issue.

With best regards,


The error message seems to be generated by the web site rather than a connection error:

Hi, Christian.

The server that hosts the web site (and some other NREL web sites) has been having some difficulties for the past several weeks. The web site has been down occasionally, most often for very short periods of time, but this weekend it was down for more than a day. It is back up now, so you can try again. I have been repeatedly told they are actively working on a solution, but they have not given me any idea how long it will take to resolve this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.