Mann turbulent wind input files for OC4 Phase II

Dear all,

Regarding the OC4 Phase II semi-sub model, I notice that LC3.2, LC3.3 & LC3.5 require Mann turbulent wind input files. Is anyone in a position to share these input files with me?

I have searched the forum and found this post by Jason from September 2018… “I asked Amy Robertson who led OC4 Phase II and she said that the Mann wind files are not stored on any server due to the large size (abour 400 MB each). The wind files for OC4 Phase II were generated by Torben Larsen of DTU Wind Energy using DTU’s IEC Turbulence Simulator. I suggest reaching out to Torben to ask him for the associated input files he used” (full thread here…

I have attempted to contact Torben but I learned from his Linked In profile page that he no longer works at DTU as he has since moved on to Vestas.

If anyone can provide information regarding these Mann data files I would be very grateful.

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