Data Version 1.27

I have updated the met tower processing code to version 1.27.

What’s new in version 1.27?

  • Fixed a bug that was causing sonic anemometer data to be rotated when there was only 92% data availability in a 10-minute interval. Everett Perry did some analysis that showed that this may impact data quality (see “Possible 95% Threshold Discrepancy”.)

Data processing has changed. Sonic anemometer data will only be returned where the availability of the sonic exceeds is 95% during a 10-minute interval. Data files from previous versions may include data created where the availability is only 92%.

If you need to continue to use data form previous versions of this code, you may wish to implement a filter requiring

all_data.MO_Length_Sonic_15m.npoints/12000 > 0.95

You should start to see this in data with modification dates from about May 16, 2013. Over the next week I expect all of the old data will be reprocessed using this version.

If you see any issues, please report them here. Thanks!

I noticed that all of M4 10 minute data (text and MAT files) have been updated to version 1.27. However only the last 3 months or so have been updated on the M5 tower (some of the M5 10 min data is still version 1.20). Would it be possible to upgrade the M5 10 minute data to version 1.27?


Thanks for the heads-up, Everett. I’ve got the scripts running now to update the files on the web. With luck you should see data for M5 trickling in overnight.

If you do see any files that use the old version, please submit the dates of those files and that’ll give me more of an idea on where to focus my efforts.

Hi Andy,

For the M5, 10 minute data (text and MAT files) it appears that only May 2013, June 2013 and July 2013 are version 1.27. The rest of the M5, 10 minute data was created with previous software versions.

Hope this helps,