Load Calculation Tool for OC4 on SIMPACK

Dear senior engieers,

I am trying to model a Load Calculation Tool (LCT) for OC4 semisubmersible floating system on Simpack.
The goal of the simulation is to calculate the fatigue load (DLC 1.2) of the wind turbine.

With the reference of SIMPACK help site, i was able to go through the LCT on ON-Shore WInd turbine.
I am having a hard to time to figure out a way, how to implement the floating base, mooring system, and HydroDyn to the existing work.

I would sincerely appreciate, if you could give a guidance or reference.

Thank you

Dear John,

I would reach out to SIMPACK technical support for help. I doubt anyone there follows this forum in detail.

Best regards,